Opening Ceremony of JACO was held at USSH.

As previously reported, we have supported operations of JACO (Study in Japan Support Office), which Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH) started in July this year. JACO has already commenced operations in earnest, and its users are also increasing steadily.

Today, a grand opening ceremony was held in USSH to commemorate the opening of JACO, and Horie (Director of IEEF) and Okuda (Board member) attended it as the representatives of IEEF. The ceremony was such full-fledged one that an ao dai lady did emcee. Horie gave a speech to express the hope of JACO’s glorious future.

This kind of supporting activities by the local might be quite unusual. Several mass media companies as well visited to interview us, and here, we will be able to see high expectations on the Vietnamese side with respect to the activities of JACO. IEEF is working closely with USSH, and will continue to firmly support the activities of JACO. Again thank you for your support of all of you.