[JACO](official office for supporting Vietnamese people who wish to study in Japan) will be opened soon, in collaboration with VNU-HMC-USSH

As previously reported on this website, at Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, University of Social Sciences and Humanities (USSH), USSH and IEEF, in collaboration, have steadily prepared for opening an office, which will provide comprehensive services for Study in Japan. In parallel with this, we finished successfully the two periods of “Courses for Study in Japan”, and, despite the short period of time, realized the study in Japan of about half of the students. (This series of courses is planned to be opened continuously)

Based on such firm outcomes, in July this year, USSH and IEEF will open formally an office, named “JACO (Study-in-Japan Assisting-Counseling Office)”, for supporting the study in Japan of students in Vietnam. We (USSH and IEEF) appreciate supports of the people who assisted and helped this project in various terms.

The university above (USSH), which possesses campuses in Ho Chi Minh City, is the most excellent university for liberal arts in the southern Vietnam district, and its students have noteworthy potential capabilities and willingness to learn. However, the full-fledged educational systems of Vietnam are still young, and in this sense, human resource development through international educational exchange is essential for this country. Particularly, in recent years, expectation to advanced skills training and higher education capabilities of Japan is rapidly growing.

On the other hand, from the standpoint of Japan, through accepting excellent and highly motivated students from abroad, we not only can expect activating domestic educational institutions and ensuring future human resources, but also we can anticipate expansion and strengthening of human networks with neighboring countries. Fortunately, Vietnamese people have very positive images about Japan, and culturally the country has high affinity with us, and furthermore, since population and economic growth are also remarkable, we can expect stable exchanges of human resources in the long term.

In view of the situation described above, JACO will make a continuous effort to form a “pipeline” of human resources between Vietnam and Japan. However, since Vietnam is still under development as for “study in Japan”, there are many issues (e.g. scholarship) that should be addressed through the assistance of IEEF. Accordingly, we will have to ensure required resources to support for the office. Now is the time when our next step might determine future environments surrounding the Vietnamese students who wish to study in Japan. We cannot miss this opportunity, if we wish to expand the exchanges between these two countries.

Thank you for your tremendous support of all of you.


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