[A Case on Our Professional Services]
IEEF implemented an orientation session for a short-term dispatch of students of Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology.

Horie and Hoshino (directors of IEEF) implemented a pre-departure orientation session on February 12 2014 (Wednesday), as facilitators and lecturers, for a group of Japanese students from (National University Corporation) Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, who was planning to join a short-term dispatch to Malaysia.

As one of the certified projects in the initiatives by the MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), named as “Support for Internationalization of Universities”, the university was steadily implementing the plan — “ASEAN initiative to educate next generation talents leading environment-friendly food supply, technological innovation and regional planning”, which included this short-dispatch of the students. To Putra University and to the Malaysia Institute of Technology, 10 students in each be dispatched for 2 weeks.

Listening to the lectures of the instructors and the story of a Malaysian international student, they conducted group presentations and group discussions, while learning the history, culture, society, and life of Malaysia. Consequently, the students raised awareness of the short-dispatch in March to Malaysia, and surely have acquired more specific images of the dispatch to the country.

IEEF is recognized also as a group of experts in orientation sessions for students who are planning to study abroad and for others.