International Educational Exchange Forum (IEEF) will pursue through action, how to embody steadily the great potential of international education.

We will work to develop the next generation of human resources through the powers of international education.

One of the greatest challenges of contemporary society and economy is to foster the sustainability of a huge number of next-generation human resources and provide occupational growth opportunities to them, regardless of whether the country is developed or not.
However, the disparities in higher education among countries are still large, and the lack of vocational opportunities for young people is also serious. In order to address these issues, it is necessary to continue to develop and build globally the appropriate educational processes. We believe that international education must play an important role in attempts to solve each of these issues.

We will work to make the most of the international educational powers of Japan and expand it.

Japan has a good accumulation of “educational powers” in communities, government agencies, and companies as well as in educational institutions including universities. We believe that this will be more effective in the human resource development of the next generation in emerging countries and the Asia-Pacific than Western-style higher education. If Japan can provide the people of the world with better education, and learn wisdom to live and diverse values from other countries and regions, we can expect these outcomes to lead to building sustainable international cooperation through the powers of education.