Here we will introduce the publishing activities and works of the directors of IEEF.

Manabu Horie, President

“Communication Handbook with International Students” (Co authored with Yuichi Kondo and Masahiro Yokota; ALC Press Inc.)
“Cross-cultural Contact and the Japanese” in “Modern Esprit Vol 322 “ (Co authored with Yuichi Yokota; Shibundo Publishing)
“100 Troubles Solution Handbook for International Students” (Editor-in-chief; Bonjinsha)
“Learning from 25 cases; Experience book about international students’ life in America” (Co authored with Yuichi Kondo and Masahiro Yokota; ALC Press Inc.)

Keishu48- Manabu Horie’s blog From Philosophy to Action – International Educational Exchange (Japenese)

Kiyoshi Yoshizawa, Representative Managing Director

“Modern Theory of Industry” (Co authored; Chuokeizai-sha, Inc. 1989)
“New relationships between civil and enterprise” Tama 21 Century Citizen University Sosho (Co authored; Jikkyo Shuppan Co., Ltd. And others.

(General Incorporated Foundation) Association of Japan Editing & Creation
“Editors will ignite innovation” (2009)
“We must re-recognize employment as a commitment (or promise) between students and corporates.” 2010

Eiichi Tsunoda, Managing Director

Global Voices from Japan

Masayuki Abe, Director

“Let’s become samurai by learning Japanese language! “(Vietnam ALPHA)

“Personal communication from Vietnam of Masayuki Abe”

VCI employment information FB: “The VCI Way for employment”

Junko Okuda, Director

“Japanese Language Teaching Workshop” (co-author)
“Career Development of Japanese Teachers” (thesis) (textbook)
“Skills of Reading”
“Business Japanese” (textbook) , and more.

Communica Institute home page

Tatsuhiko Hoshino, Director

“English Study Opportunity in Asian Countries”
“How to Become Study Abroad Counselor”

Japan Association of Certified Study Abroad Counselors
Japan Association of Overseas Studies

“Study abroad & Study abroad counselor as a career”

Hiroko Yamamoto, Director

Memorizing Description-Onomatopoeia through Images and Sounds (Elementary/Intermediate) (Senmon Kyouiku Publishing Co., Ltd.)
Practical Japanese Workbooks 1 Onomatopoeia: Elementary/Intermediate (Senmon Kyoiku Publishing Co., Ltd., 1993)
Training Book for Teaching Revision of Japanese Lessons (Function Words & Idioms, Vocabulary and Grammar)

A Re-examination of Assessment from a Japanese Language School: From the Viewpoint of the Common European Framework of Reference
Journal of Japanese Language Teaching (The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language) No.136, January 2008

KAI Japanese Language School (Tokyo)